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Linux for Beginner Programming Needs

Posted on:July 23, 2017 at 04:55 PM

The increasing popularity of open-source projects has made Linux, which is still part of Unix family, widely used by junior programmers like me and senior programmers. Although most programmers or developers use MacOS, but the newcomers who don’t have macbook can use Linux for daily coding needs to get benefit from it, because most programs support Linux.

Operating System

Linux has various distribution, and the each distribution has their own uniqueness. These are the list of linux distributions I recommend to use for beginner.

1. Ubuntu

The community of this distro is widespread across various countries. I highly recommend using Ubuntu as an operating system. Ubuntu provides a Long Time Support version, so we just need to update and upgrade it when there are updates available.

To download the desktop version, you can visit this page.

2. Mint

With the elegant and fresh nuance interface, Linux mint becomes my second recommendation to use. Generally, Linux Mint is similar to Ubuntu because both are from Debian. So it’s not difficult to get started using this operating system distro.

To download the desktop version, you can visit this page.

3. Xubuntu

Xubuntu is Ubuntu but using XFCE desktop environtment. Because Xubuntu is using XFCE so it’s more faster than Ubuntu with default desktop environment. I recommend using this distro because it’s still elegant but very light. I had also been using this distro for a long time before I switched to the default version of Ubuntu.

To download the desktop version, you can visit this page.

4. Lubuntu

If you desire a faster distro and are not concerned about the interface, Lubuntu is the solution. Lubuntu uses LXDE desktop environment that’s why the distro is super light. It consumes less and eficient resources. This distro is also still part of Ubuntu. I recommend to use this distro for programming if you have low end computer because you will still have many resources as the resource like cpu and ram usage are not consumed by the operating system.

To download the desktop version, you can visit this page.

Actually, there are still a lot of linux distributions out there, but the ones mentioned above are my recommendations for beginners. If you prefer a more hardcore Linux distro, you can use FreeBSD or Arch Linux.

That’s all of my post, if you have any question or suggestion please tell me, I will very happy.

Thank you